Artificial Lift Systems

At the heart of every premium Sentry artificial lift system is the Sentry Gear Reducer. 

  • We start by combining ductile iron housing and forged high-tensile cast-steel gearing for a superior gear box over common cast and steel combinations. 
  • To achieve uniform loading and equalized stress during peak torque operation, Sentry gear reducers allow for extra wide gear-tooth interfaces. 
  • Ensuring no bronze bushings to seize and no shaft wear will occur, alloy steel shafts rotate in oversized precision roller bearings. 
  • Providing a positive flow to all gear tooth interfaces is a generous center relief. 
  • A constant supply of lubricant is delivered to the oil galleries with a submerged gear and low-speed wiper system. 
  • Pitting and bending stresses are addressed with heat-treated steel gear teeth that significantly exceed API criteria. 

The Sentry Gear Reducer is never off duty.